svn delete CVS ??

March 25, 2008

Geek trivia question: when do you need svn delete CVS?

Answer: when (like me) you’re silly enough to commit CVS metadata directories to your svn repository ;-)

Understanding art – for geeks

January 26, 2008

2198607725_0e015f5f45.jpgPicture by and Auguste Rodin. Lol. Geek creativity factor++!

Find more of those at Flickr.

Via Lars.

Got 60 seconds?

January 16, 2008

If so you can watch His Steveness’s keynote – edited down to 60 seconds by the mahalo folks. Excellent! Incredible! Revolutionary!

Don’t miss the New Bubble!

December 6, 2007

Me, I’m seriously thinking of investing in those Web two-oh friendship bracelets…

QOTD: whaddya mean “IIS features”?

November 23, 2007

Stumbled on this quote from our very own Ken Coar, from an IRC interview that took place in February 2004:

DaMouse404 asks: do you see any features in the IIS that you would like in Apache?

Ken Coar] (chuckles) I can’t really say, since I don’t use IIS and didn’t realise that it actually had features.


Join the ApacheCon swim team!

November 14, 2007

westin-pool.jpgIf you’re staying at the Westin, a few of us are going for a swim every morning (until now at least ;-) around 7:30 AM. That’s the best way to wake up, see you there!

Now even I can understand HTTP error codes

September 20, 2007

adam-koford-http-402.jpgThanks to Adam Koford‘s excellent set of Illustrated HTTP errors.

Via Attila Szegedi.

Update: as Leo indicates, this post has been featured in today’s heute magazine. So let’s see: heute links to me who links to Attila who links to Adam…isn’t the web fun?

Skype outage? The fix is soo easy!

August 17, 2007

Just read the comments here for some invaluable advice.

The best advice mentioned there is certainly to call (using Skype?) the US Homeland Security Office: with all their hacking power, it’s most certainly these guys who messed up Skype by trying to eavesdrop on my conversations ;-)

Update: Skype discloses the real cause.


August 3, 2007

I’ll be completely disconnected and away from gadgets for the next week, cool!

Stiil, the house will not be empty…it’s been seven of us most of the time lately, and not all of them are joining the fun this time (maybe becase it’s not far enough).

Part of the joys of kids getting older is that, when their friends move in, it’s usually for more than just lunch ;-)

This is not a party…

July 21, 2007

bbq-stuff.jpgNot yet at least: today is Barbecue Sauce Refill Day here: I started doing my own a few months ago, and tomorrow we’re meeting a world-class expert, so I’m eager to have his opinion!

As said expert is (mostly) mute about what he puts in his sauce, I’m based my own on the Arkansas recipe, with some personal variations.

When you start coooking it, a smell so strong as to be almost unbearable is a good indication of success, and it’s the case right now, so I’m looking forward to the result ;-)


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