Mozilla 1.2 – cool new features!

November 27, 2002

Mozilla 1.2 is out with two new features that I like a lot: Type Ahead Find and XML prettyprinting.

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Mailing lists netiquette

November 26, 2002

Looking for a good explanation of why people should use “reply to” to avoid
breaking mailing lists threads when replying.
I didn’t find what I was looking for, but here are some good “mailing lists
netiquette” links:

Apache Jakarta
Project – mailing lists guildelines

One Northwest – Guidelines
for Participating in an Email List

Howard Rheingold
– The Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online

Does anyone have a good explanation or reference about the “reply-to” thing?
I’d like to add it here.

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BEAFF – Alea Jacta Est

November 21, 2002

Wrote my proposal for a Cocoon BEans And Forms Framework, that should make
it much easier to write webapps with Cocoon.
As evidenced by Torsten’s presentation
at the GetTogether, the current stuff is lacking and there is no single “best
practice” for building webapps with Cocoon today.
Hopefully this will help – after posting
it I’m anxiously awaiting reactions…

Back from Cocoon Ghent GetTogether

November 20, 2002

Great time! great people! great organization!
Steven, Matthew, and Ovidiu
have been blogging the whole thing in real time.
Torsten’s talk on web applications prompted some ideas for YAFBEAF (Yet Another
Forms/Beans Framework). I’ll  expand on this and hopefully post an RT
as soon as I find some time.

SQuirreL SQL Client

November 12, 2002

This morning I found a mention of SQuirrel SQL Client on Freshmeat. Downloaded and installed in no time, looks good and fairly complete. I’m going to use it to
test JDBC drivers and for interactive database work.

European Commission and Linux

November 7, 2002 (and many others)
report on the European Commission examining deployment of open source
software in government departments.
I think it’s only a question of time before governments, schools and everybody
get it. How much would they be able to save (after an inevitable transition
phase) by moving from monopolistic to open software environments?

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Open vs.licensed software

November 7, 2002

In this
Paul Murphy tackles the problem from interesting angles. He doesn’t
talk much about Cocoon in detail, but what I found interesting is his view
on how using software that does not require licences eases development.
Being able to develop an enterprise-class application on a standard system
with no license costs before moving it to real production hardware can make
or break many projects: no need to spend much money upfront before being able
to experiment!
An I like his conclusion: Linux and Cocoon is it!

Forrest is moving fast!

November 6, 2002

There is a lot of excitement and action these days around the Forrest project. We might have a really cool XML-based documentation system soon!

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