Life in Open Source Communities, live at ApacheCon!

October 30, 2009

notmuch.jpgI have just finished my slides for next week at ApacheCon. Though the topic of how to “survive” in our open source communities has been on my mind for a while, this is a totally new presentation, which is both great (in the blank slate sense) and a lot of work.

cocoon-step.jpgHaving recently read Presentation Zen (very recommended if you do presentations and/or like beautiful books), I started adding full-screen pictures to the first few slides, and couldn’t stop! The presentation will then consist of me ad-libbing (or more precisely trying to tell stories) on a series of nice pictures grabbed from (don’t worry about that name).

allabout.jpgI’ll post the slides here later, for now they are super secret, so you’ll just get the teasers…images courtesy of (update: slides added now).

Hope to see you next week! In any case I have collected a number of useful links in my delicious bookmarks, I’ll point people to them in the presentation.

The ASF is the Switzerland of Open Source

March 30, 2009

matterhorn-bahn.jpgBy popular demand (two people – that’s about 100% of my readership!), here’s an essay similar to my lightning talk of last week at ApacheCon: The Apache Software Foundation is the Switzerland of Open Source.

This is based on my rough notes and failing memory, so that won’t be exactly the same thing.
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Tales from the OSGi trenches

March 25, 2009

My Tales from the OSGi trenches presentation today at ApacheCon went well, timing was surprisingly good given that I gave this talk for the first time.

People can certainly relate to the issues that we’ve been facing with OSGi, and the realization is that the large majority of them can be linked to lack of developer education and lack of documentation and examples.

Things will get better, but my conclusions page already has a lot more smileys than monsters!

Ready for ApacheCon Europe 2009

March 21, 2009

I’ll be giving three talks next week at ApacheCon, on OSGi, Apache Sling and Open Source collaboration tools.

Ruwan Linton‘s OSGi talk, which is scheduled after mine on Wednesday, also presents practical experiences with OSGi. I’m looking forward to comparing our experiences, and people should probably attend both talks to get the whole picture.

I’m also very much looking forward to meeting new people and old friends there, including the Jackrabbit/Sling folks at Tuesday’s JCR/Jackrabbit/Sling meetup.

Before that I’ll be in Rome for a meeting of the IKS project, talking about requirements and use cases for semantically enhanced CMSes. Looks like a packed but very interesting week ahead – lots of context switches though ;-)

Update: forgot to mention Carsten Ziegeler’s Embrace OSGi – A Developer’s Quickstart presentation, which comes right before mine – attending that one will also help put mine in context, as I won’t cover the basics of OSGi.

Does OSGi work for you?

February 25, 2009

apachecon-eu09.jpgI’m looking for additional input for my Tales from the OSGi trenches talk, at ApacheCon EU 2009 next month in Amsterdam.

My main angle for this talk is how the move to OSGi changes the way developers and customers work. Day‘s complete product line is based on OSGi (using Apache Felix and Apache Sling), and this has a tremendous impact on how our developers work. Users of our products, depending on the level at which they decide to interact with them, can also reap big benefits from OSGi’s modularity and service-oriented features.

However, while OSGi might look like a silver bullet on paper, rethinking modularity and services has an important impact of the way people work, and on how we test our systems.

For this talk, I intend to describe the impact that OSGi has on our ways of working, including the potential downsides, or misuses, of extreme modularity and extreme dynamic behavior of services and components.

I’d be very happy to include other people’s opinions (converging or not) in my talk, so let me know if you have similar experiences to share. Either in comments here, or by mail, bdelacretaz () All contributions will be duly acknowledged, of course!

Free Sling polo shirts! (NOT)

November 5, 2008

We’ll be giving away nice Sling polo shirts at the end of my talk today, be there!

The complete source code of the mini blog application that I’m going to create, in stages, during the talk, is available below.

Update: slides are available on the conference website.

Stop press: the shirts are held by customs in Memphis, we hope to have them by Friday but there’s no guarantee…sigh

Update: the shirts have finally arrived, grab them at the Day booth at ApacheCon!

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Thanks and congrats!

November 5, 2008

obama_3DLogo.jpgBeing in the US to watch the Obama speech yesterday evening on the big screen in the hotel lobby was really cool – people cheering, standing ovations and I could feel the hope in the air.

Some people’s expectations are obviously optimistic, but hearing a president (elect) that feels genuine and honest is very reassuring.

American friends note that technology will be back in the White House – of course, with a president who selected one of the Facebook founders to run his Internet campaign, things should get better in this respect.

/me happy.

ApacheCon video

November 3, 2008

If you cannot make it to ApacheCon, streaming videos of the keynotes will be available for free at LinuxPro magazine. Selected other sessions will be available as well, for a fee.

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

November 1, 2008

cdg-waiting.jpgI’m on my way to ApacheCon US 2008 where I’ll give two talks. One of which is not ready yet so I’m making good use of my travel time ;-)

I don’t know if terminal 2E in Paris CDG is new, but it looks quite good with all the wooden paneling. Doesn’t make the journey shorter (2 stops and about 17 hours if all goes well), but at least it’s quiet, there’s power and Boingo works.

Call for papers – ApacheCon Europe 2009

October 21, 2008

The call for papers for ApacheCon Europe 2009 (Amsterdam, March 23-27) is open, proposals must be submitted before October 24th. Don’t miss it!