Ten years of blogging!

November 9, 2012

Although I had marked the date in my calendar, a great ApacheCon kept me busy and I missed Tuesday’s date for announcing that it’s been ten years now since I started blogging.

Not that you’d care…though it’s fun to see that my interests and professional activities haven’t changed that much in ten years. Less blogging of course, as over time this blog has morphed into an outlet for more permanent/longer content, which is less frequent of course.

The first few posts at https://grep.codeconsult.ch/2002/11/ are not earth-shattering – that was a start though.

See you on Twitter for now, as that’s where my noise has mostly moved, and we’ll see if this blog is still around in ten years!

Sorry, planetapache readers

February 18, 2008

If you read this on planetapache.org, the post title most probably says “Bertrand”.

This is due to the move of my blog to wordpress.com hosting: seems like, the planetapache software incorrectly takes the last <title> element of the feed item as the post title, even if it is a media:title as is the case in my feed.

Now I understand why all of Dims’ posts there are titled Davanum there, and all of Nick Kew’s posts niq ;-)

Untangled – at last

February 17, 2008

Although it’s old news already (well, two days old), I’m pleased to mention that Roy Fielding finally has a blog. Subscribed, of course.

Comments mostly closed

December 17, 2007

Comment spammers seem to be warming up for the holiday season, so I have closed comments for almost all entries on this blog.

I know I should upgrade to something more modern, but maybe if I keep running the current software long enough, spammers will forget how to spam it? Hmmm…not sure about that.

Comment spammers, go away

October 10, 2006

update mt_entry set entry_allow_comments=0 where entry_id < NNN;

(just so that I remember how to do it next time)

Why do I blog?

June 20, 2006

Thinking about it, the main reason for me is clearly networking.

This blog (and its french-speaking cousin) will never attract the masses which would make it worth advertising here. So it’s not for the money.

I’m not blogging about any world-changing events, so it’s not for the fame. Micro-fame in some of my micro-worlds, maybe, sometimes, but nothing to write home about it.

However, after almost three years of blogging, the effects on my network of colleagues, friends and sometimes customers are measurable: many encounters and “coincidences” would simply not happen without this communications channel.

So it’s all about communicating with my peers, in a very informal and “take what you like” way, and it’s worth it! Several of my posts have helped in launching new projects and above all in meeting new people, online and also in real life.

Other benefits are the notes to self which I often post here: some of them might be useful to you at some point, but they’re mostly for me. Looking back from time to time (like Jean-Pascal Delamuraz would say) is like looking at the water trace that follows your boat, hoping to find it nice and clean.

And finally, I hope that some of my posts are contributions to the global knowledge pool that blogs are creating: snippets of knowledge that usually get good rankings on Google, as (these days) blogs have a lot of link value. My statistics show that some of my posts are actually useful to people!

That’s it. Being a blog millionaire would have some advantages of course, but it’s not for me – at least not now – yet I’m a happy blogger!

Swiss Blog Awards: it’s not here

May 6, 2006

If you’re looking for my post on the Swiss Blog Awards, it’s on my french-speaking blog.

My blog in french is alive!

March 25, 2006

If you read French you’ll find it at codeconsult.ch/blog.

Now that people around here know what a blog is, this should help in making more local contacts. It will certainly take some time to find out what to write here and what to write there, and anyway I’ll use cross-links when appropriate.

See you there!

Swiss Blog Awards: nominations have started!

March 23, 2006

The nominations for the Swiss Blog Awards have started and will be open until April 23rd.

Thanks Chregu for this useful link to find out who’s writing about this.

If you understand Bärndütsch you can find an interview of Jan Zuppinger, member of the awards commitee, at virus.ch.

Blogs are passe, you need a blook

March 8, 2006

The Lulu Blooker Prize is said to be the world’s first literary prize for blooks: books created out of blog content.

Of course, Lulu have some interest in this: they sell self-publishing and print-to-order services ;-)

Still, it’s an interesting idea. Like Joel Spolsky, some bloggers deserve to have their works on paper. But not all of us, maybe ;-)

A Coyote blog post gives an example of how this works. I wouldn’t do it with Word, but it shows that most anyone can do that.