Swiss Blog Awards – 5.5.06, Bienne

February 23, 2006

The Swiss Blog Awards are in the pipeline, and I’ve joined the team to be their official (what me official something?) correspondent for this (French-speaking) part of the country.

So, if you need to know something about the event…I might be able to help, but this is all very new for me, just getting up to speed.

The nice part is working with Urs again, and later getting to know the others.

Registered on

December 21, 2005

Following’s Chregu’s news about, I haved claimed my entry.

Or at least I’m trying, as this entry is supposed to activate the claim ;-)

See the above link to Chregu’s news for more info about this directory of Swiss blogs. Thanks to everyone involved in making this happen!

I’m 48th

August 1, 2005

This weblog appears in 48th position in Christian’s list of Swiss Top 100 Blogs according to Technorati. Hmmm…at least I’m in the list ;-)

PHP Weblog Apps Vulnerable to XML-RPC Exploits

July 5, 2005

Netcraft warns about several PHP-based weblog applications being vulnerable to an XML-RPC exploit. Updated libraries are available, don’t wait to update!

MT search is more or less toast here

June 19, 2004

For some reason the search function on this weblog does not work properly anymore: searching for “mozilla”, for example, finds this entry, but not the other one from way back. I’ve checked the SearchCutoff parameter and I’m using the default value which should search everything.

If anyone has tips on how to fix this please let me know!

I’m thinking of a database rebuild, but haven’t found any tools (I’m using the standard Berkeley DB). Maybe an export/reimport of the entries would do, but will it keep the entries IDs?

I won’t be too adventurous before the big trip though, but if there’s a simple fix I’d be interested.

Sorry about the mess in my RSS feed

May 24, 2004

Movable Type and/or NetNewsWire have been playing tricks on me this morning, at one point there were four copies of the previous entry. Things should be back to normal now.

Bubblets are in

April 26, 2004

I’ve (shamelessly) lifted Tim Bray’s bubblets idea and added them here.

The bubblets query technorati for weblogs that point to my entries (yes, it does happen sometimes).

Dunno yet what this might bring, but “connecting” to more interesting weblogs (or rather to the interesting people behind them) is always welcome.

Planet Apache

January 16, 2004

Thanks to Thom May, Planet Apache is now online. It will be interesting to listen to this new collective “voice”.

MovableType goes after spam comments

January 16, 2004

Via Oleg Tkachenko: Movable Type 2.66 has been released, including spam comments countermeasures.

Also via Oleg, here are seven useful tricks for a spam-free weblog.

Update: I’ve updated already, it is really quick and easy. Thanks six apart!

Vriting in pleyn inglich

December 10, 2003

Lars Trieloff poyntz to two vritihng goydez zat vill shoorely elp mey get ridhe of zis funni akzent. Bie ounderztoodh, zey sey!