Open Source Collaboration Tools – at OpenExpo, Bern, April 2nd

February 26, 2009

The program for OpenExpo 2009 Bern is just out, I’ll be giving my Open Source Collaboration Tools are Good For You! talk on April 2nd.

I’ve been giving this talk a few times in various places already, and it often leads to interesting conversations, we’ll see if that works in Switzerland as well! I must not forget to indicate that I can understand questions in German, as many people are more likely to ask questions in their native language.

Sling at, that’s tomorrow!

September 24, 2008

We’re talking about Sling at tomorrow, together with Michael Marth, Day’s technology evangelist.

A number of Apache folk are talking there today and tomorrow, see the program – and meet us at tonight’s 6PM social event if you’re around!

Here are our slides, but it’s much better live on stage, so be there anyway!

Update: the demo code is available at SLING-673.

Talking at Jazoon, Zürich, next week

June 17, 2008

jazoon.jpgI’ll be talking as a co-speaker with David Nuescheler at Jazoon next thursday, on the revenge of the weblog in 15 minutes. The talk description still mentions microjax, but that’s dead, it’s the Sling client library now. No conceptual changes though, that’s mostly a renaming.

I’m working on the Sling JST templates this week, as the code that this template engine generated was way too ugly to be shown in public. That’s getting better.

Speaking at “Meet the Communities” event in Luxembourg on June 12th

May 21, 2008

mtc.jpgI’ll be speaking at the next Meet the Communities event on June 12th, on Working in and with the Apache Software Foundation.

Looking forward to meeting new people including Christophe Lombart, original developer of the Graffito object-to-JCR mapping that’s now part of Jackrabbit and used in Sling.

The one-hour flight from Geneva to Luxembourg costs more than New York…but small airports are always nice!