Merry Christmas avec la Soupe a la Bière a Roger!

December 25, 2014

Recyclez votre stock de bière à deux balles pour une bonne cause!

La soupe est bonne même avec de la bière à deux balles.

While waiting for the soup to be ready and for the guests to arrive, let me wish all of my readership (yes, both of you guys) a Merry Christmas!

And if you allow me un post en français pour une fois, voici la recette de la dite soupe! Si vous connaissez Roger vous savez qu’on peut lui faire confiance pour ce genre de trucs.

L’alcool s’évapore à la cuisson bien sûr, pas de problème avec les enfants, sauf peut-être que c’est assez corsé si vous faites tout juste.

Compter 1 litre de soupe pour 4 personnes.

Pour 8 litres: 2 lt bouillon de boeuf, 3 lt potage bâlois (“Basler Mehlsuppe”, en sachets pour ne pas compliquer), 3 lt bière blonde.

4 gros oignons, 150 g beurre.

2 yoghourts nature, 4 oeufs, 1/2 lt crème à fouetter, 150 g fromage râpé.

Ciboulette et persil.


Couper fin les oignons et faire revenir dans le beurre, sans roussir.

Ajouter la bière, cuire puissamment durant 15 minutes et 12 secondes.

Préparer séparément le bouillon de boeuf et le potage bâlois.

Verser le bouillon dans la bière, cuire au taquet pendant 15 minutes et 18 secondes.

Ajouter le potage bâlois, cuire à feu moyen. Faire fondre le fromage râpé en remuant.

Battre le yoghourt et les herbes, ajouter les jaunes d’oeufs battus et incorporer en battant à donf.

Cuire doucement pendant au moins une heure et 38 secondes.

Gonfler avec la crème fouettée, au dernier moment.

La soupe se garde bien, elle est même souvent meilleure le lendemain!

My new Flyer ebike: fast and fun!

July 1, 2010

flyer-t8hs.jpgI recently bought a new Flyer electric bike, got a faster T8 HS ex-demo for a good price.

I sold the previous C8+ to my nephew, happy that it’s staying in the family! In about 15’000km all year in any weather (including snow and accompanying salt on the road) over 4 1/2 years, I have had exactly zero problems with the C8, which says a lot about the build quality and maturity of those bikes. It needed just the usual bike maintenance, and an expected change of battery after about 600 charging cycles, but zero maintenance related to the electronics or motor. Not to mention only two punctures in 15’000km, thanks to the Schwalbe Marathon puncture-proof tires. Over time, those tires get full of small superficial holes which are mostly punctures that didn’t happen, very cool!

The new bike is an HS model, as in high speed: contrary to the old one which would only assist me until 25kmh (so you’d be faster on flat with a good bike), this one happily helps up to 45kmh or more, and it’s also a better bike to start with: 28″ wheels, more rigid frame and thinner higher-pressure tires. As with all so-called pedelec bikes, the Flyers don’t go anywhere if you don’t pedal, the assistance only kicks in (very naturally) when you ride normally, and gives you more power.

And this thing is fast: I just beat my record on the commute back from the office, 350m elevation over 12km, getting home in 29:30 which means 24kmh average speed on Lausanne’s steep hills. Not bad – you do have to pedal hard to reach such speeds uphill, but it’s a lot of fun and I get home almost as fast as any other transportation, considering the traffic density – and I don’t need to spend time at the gym after that, so I’m probably saving time all in all! The morning downhill ride takes about 20 minutes, unbeatable at 8AM unless you ride a helicopter.

The equipment is very good: Magura hydraulic rim brakes (almost as good as discs, I guess newer models have them), LED lights, lockable front fork and the SRAM dual drive which combines a 3-gear hub with an 8-gear rear derailleur to get 24 usable combinations (no “forbidden” ones like dual derailleurs). You cannot have a front derailleur on the Flyer due to the motor wheel which drives the chain, and the dual drive is really the best of both worlds in the city: gear hub for quick downchanging when stopping or surprised, and derailleur for fine tuning.

All in all, an excellent commuter’s bike if your ride is steep, or just for the fun of riding faster. The big plus with the ebike is that you can use less of your own energy if you’re tired or if conditions are bad, while still getting to your destination in a reasonable amount of time.

You do have to ride very carefully as sleepy car drivers and pedestrians often don’t realize how fast you ride on that thing, nor that you’re actually faster than cars in many tight or bumpy places. After years of motorcycling and cycling I’m used to being very clear about my intentions on the road, using obvious positioning in lanes, and that helps a lot! The city of Lausanne is also doing an excellent job in helping cyclists find safe space to ride, and most of my commute is on very low-traffic roads as a result.

Do I sound enthusiastic? That’s because I am – electric bikes are by far the best way of commuting in a steep city like Lausanne. They are somewhat expensive to buy, but maintenance costs almost nothing, and you save a lot on gym costs (and doctor’s fees I guess – cycling is good for your health). And if you drive a car or motorbike to work, you should really calculate how much that costs and draw the right conclusions!

The latest meme: 10 things about me

April 16, 2009

Ok…so I got tagged by Irina Guseva on this one, started by Kas Thomas.

No meme ID though, or is it 42a4263e9ae40c23da79bd43370fd814 ?

Anyway, here we go…

1-5: I already took part in such a meme, with only five things, which are still valid.

6: I was recently fired by the band where I was playing drums, not playing well enough for their new and improved musical goals. You can’t win every time I guess ;-)

7: I have three kids aged 17 to 21. Some people complain about losing the cuteness factor of babies when they grow up, but I’ve been enjoying all phases until now. You just have to constantly adjust to everything ;-)

8: I’m selling my motorbike, meaning that I’ll be without one for the first time in about 15 years. The idea is to rent fun bikes from time to time, and buy the Right One later.

9: Twenty-four hours a day is clearly not enough when you like cycling, mountainbiking, sailing, skiing, hiking, playing music, DIY work, go-karting, motorcycling and barbecues in remote places. Lots of plans for retirement.

10: I enjoy working in the content management space because it’s like love songs: the basic story has been the same for ages, but we seem to constantly find new ways to tell it. I usually hate love songs by the way, but that’s another story.

Tagging @michaelmarth and @alexkli.

Speaking of Switzerland…best April’s fools of 2009

April 2, 2009

Swiss tourism’s mountain cleaners movie by far my favorite April’s fools / marketing gimmick for 2009. I’m sure tons of people will be going back to their website next year on April first to discover the next one. Thanks Marie for pointing me to it.

The ASF is the Switzerland of Open Source

March 30, 2009

matterhorn-bahn.jpgBy popular demand (two people – that’s about 100% of my readership!), here’s an essay similar to my lightning talk of last week at ApacheCon: The Apache Software Foundation is the Switzerland of Open Source.

This is based on my rough notes and failing memory, so that won’t be exactly the same thing.
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Tech cartoons sightings: RESTlet

November 26, 2008

restlet.jpgI love cartoons – proud owner of Tex Avery’s collection on DVD. And the Shadoks as well.

After Chrome it’s RESTlet’s turn to jump on the tech cartoons bandwagon. Not as ambitious as Chrome’s, but great stuff!

Meme (me)

September 19, 2008

Via Christopher Blizzard.


1. Take a picture of yourself right now.

2. Don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair…just take a picture.

3. Post that picture with NO editing.

4. Post these instructions with your picture. – at last, a honest website

July 7, 2008

Although many websites produce just white noise, is the first one that’s totally honest about it – and lets you choose your flavor.

Via Steph.

Beautiful words at Wordle

June 21, 2008

wordle-bd.250.jpgWordle creates beautiful word clouds from text that you supply.

Via Bruno Giussani who’s got more examples.

code_swarm – open source like you’ve never seen it before

June 17, 2008

httpd-video.jpgMichael Ogawa has created stunning videos showing animated commit activity for various open source projects.

Watching one where you know something about the people and history is fascinating – for me it’s obviously the one about the Apache HTTP server.

Via Sander Temme.