– at last, a honest website

July 7, 2008

Although many websites produce just white noise, is the first one that’s totally honest about it – and lets you choose your flavor.

Via Steph.

Beautiful words at Wordle

June 21, 2008

wordle-bd.250.jpgWordle creates beautiful word clouds from text that you supply.

Via Bruno Giussani who’s got more examples.

code_swarm – open source like you’ve never seen it before

June 17, 2008

httpd-video.jpgMichael Ogawa has created stunning videos showing animated commit activity for various open source projects.

Watching one where you know something about the people and history is fascinating – for me it’s obviously the one about the Apache HTTP server.

Via Sander Temme.

K and Z projects coming up…

April 15, 2008

In my lightning talk last week at ApacheCon, I presented the results of a scientific analysis to demonstrate that the ASF needs a project with a name starting with K and another starting with Z.

Since then, I’ve been contacted by top executives from two projects which are about to spinoff the two missing groups. Multiple NDAs, including stone engravings on the Amsterdam pier, prevent me from giving more details here, but stay tuned.

svn delete CVS ??

March 25, 2008

Geek trivia question: when do you need svn delete CVS?

Answer: when (like me) you’re silly enough to commit CVS metadata directories to your svn repository ;-)

Understanding art – for geeks

January 26, 2008

2198607725_0e015f5f45.jpgPicture by and Auguste Rodin. Lol. Geek creativity factor++!

Find more of those at Flickr.

Via Lars.

Got 60 seconds?

January 16, 2008

If so you can watch His Steveness’s keynote – edited down to 60 seconds by the mahalo folks. Excellent! Incredible! Revolutionary!