About to move this blog…

February 13, 2008

I’m preparing to move this to a hosted wordpress blog – hosting your own sounded like fun a few years ago, but I have more fun things to do now!

Fow now, I have closed all comments to avoid any data changes until the actual move happens. The unwelcome side effect is that existing comments are not displayed, but that’ll be fixed soon.

Update: moved – comments are active again.

Discover Sling in 15 minutes

January 29, 2008

sling-logo-110x63.pngWe finally got around to documenting the Sling Launchpad (previously known as µsling 2.0) – so grab that while it’s hot: Discover Sling in 15 minutes will tell you everything you didn’t dare to ask. Well, some of it, at least.

I’m very happy with how Sling has evolved since the beginning of the microsling-driven partial rewrite: concepts have been clarified, the code structure is much easier to understand, we have tons of automated tests, and we’re (slowly but surely) reaching a stable state that will allow people to have a closer look and hopefully start contributing more.

And it also looks like we’re done renaming things every week ;-)

By the way, thanks to GHOP student Paul Walker, Sling got a new and improved logo – big thanks!

Leaving my boss after 18 years…

April 1, 2007

As we all know, today is the perfect day for important announcements.

After being my own boss for the last 18 years, I’ll (also) be joining Day Software‘s R&D team, starting in May after ApacheCon.

Leaving my current projects and the teaching gigs has been a big decision, but the job looks really interesting, and a good opportunity to step up to more complex and larger projects.

My involvement in Cocoon and Solr will probably suffer from the move, as it looks like I’m moslty going to be working with other (open source) tools. I feel bad about Solr as it’s only a few months since I was invited as a committer, right before my first contacts with Day…that’s life I guess, one sometimes needs to leave (nice) people and (cool) projects to move on. Being less involved with Cocoon also means leaving nice people and a cool project, but in that case I’ve been involved for much longer so it doesn’t feel as weird.

I thought my next language would be spanish (because I like the sound and it’s spoken in wide areas of the world), but it looks like it’ll rather be Schwitzerditsch, weïl es au toll isch. It’s not a real requirement for the job, but I don’t want to miss too many coffee time jokes either ;-)

Looking forward to it!

iPhone demo by Phil Schiller

January 11, 2007

CBS has published on YouTube the excellent iPhone demo that Phil Schiller did for them, here it is:

It’s good to see that, contrary to others, Apple knows what innovating means…we’ll hear more about that one for sure.

The Venice Project opens up

November 16, 2006

tvp-image.jpgSeveral of the cool people who have been working on the super secret Venice project are finally talking about it publically Just follow the links.

Reading between the lines: Open Source rocks. And Open Source developers even more…

Google Calendar is here

April 13, 2006

Ajax!The long-awaited Google Calendar has landed.

Just played with it for 5 minutes and it’s as boring as it should – this thing Just Works.

IMHO, the Rich Internet Client technology wars are over.

My blog in french is alive!

March 25, 2006

If you read French you’ll find it at codeconsult.ch/blog.

Now that people around here know what a blog is, this should help in making more local contacts. It will certainly take some time to find out what to write here and what to write there, and anyway I’ll use cross-links when appropriate.

See you there!

My first portable…

June 6, 2005

By the way, my first portable computer was an IBM Portable PC, aka sewing machine.

This wouldn’t fit in the top case of my motorbike today, if I still had it I could probably put some wheels on the bottom and ride it to the office ;-)

Mount St. Helens VolcanoCam

October 6, 2004

Something’s boiling there.

Via Phil Windley.

Switzerland gets bigger

April 15, 2004

Not. But at least Swiss citizens are now allowed to work and settle anywhere in the EU.

Good news, via Gregor.