Macs are getting worse…

April 5, 2006

Because you’ll soon be able to officially run Windows on them. Argh. Poor thing.

It’s “only” a dual-boot…sounds like virtualization (run Windows in a well-delimited sandbox, where it belongs) will have to wait. Not that long I think…

Via Matthew. I also thought about an April’s fools thing when I first read his post.

The Church should be moving away from Windows…

March 23, 2006

I totally agree with Dave Warnock’s thoughts on how yet another Vista delay should prompt churches to move away from Windows.

Except one not-so small point: I don’t see why this would apply to churches only ;-)

Most really exceptionally stupid people use Windows…

February 6, 2004

That’s what Andrew C. Oliver says in his modest proposal, where he suggests banning Microsoft Windows users from the net.

Even though a bit on the edge (just a bit) I find it an interesting read. Like, if a given make of cars was the cause of horrible accidents every day due to bad engineering, would we still allow such cars on our roads?

Don’t get me wrong: I know many bright people who use Windows, and use it well. It’s just too easy to shoot yourself in the foot with it, and collateral damages are not always trivial.

Worms now in Windows Powered ATMs

December 9, 2003

As O’Reilly puts it, this is hilarious only for its obviousness.

Looking Glass

December 3, 2003

Sun’s Looking Glass demo looks cool (the interesting part starts about 2:30 into the video).

I’m not sure about showing today’s windows in 3D perspective, but this certainly opens the door to new types of navigation.

Via James Strachan.

Update: a better demo is available.

Sun creating Desktop Linux for China

November 18, 2003

Good news from Sun. I like this!

Panther will eat my fragments

November 11, 2003

Looks like the HFS+ filesystem includes automatic defragmentation in OSX 10.3 (aka Panther).

Good News. Gotta upgrade soon.

OS as a Subscription Service

October 9, 2003

Russel Beattie has some words on the soon-to-be macosx upgrade. I like the picture as well!

I have to agree with Russell – I’m perfectly ok with the idea of forking a small amount of money from time to time to get a good OS upgrade.

We’re getting closer to the “IT as a utility” model. Products are out, services are in.

Make sure to throw Outlook away…

October 3, 2003

Another scary report of serious damage caused by the web’s main virus pump.

If you’re using Outlook for mail, my suggestion would be that you throw it away as soon as possible. There are enough decent alternatives.

(You might want to throw away Windows while you’re at it, but that’s another story ;-)

Just wait 200 milliseconds, need a reboot…

September 30, 2003

FSMLabs say they have a version of Linux which boots in 200 milliseconds. Cool!