Sun Java Desktop review

September 20, 2003

Although I’m not sure about the name, according to this review Sun has indeed created a very usable Linux distribution for office workers.

This is great news – technically I’m convinced that Linux is ready for general office work today, and it’s good to see more and more pieces of the puzzle falling into place.

OSX for geeks tips

August 12, 2003

Good collection of tips and tricks, via James Strachan.

More PDF in macosx

June 2, 2003

Back to business. this and this show how to add more functions to the macosx “save as PDF” menu.

Killing NT4?

April 5, 2003

Either way you look at it, Microsoft is presenting a strong case against its own product line.

The quote is from this article on Yahoo!news, talking about Microsoft’s decision or unability to patch a denial-of-service security hole in NT4, effectively showing their desire to kill the product, altough they’re meant to support it until 2005.

The good thing is, this makes a strong argument for Open-Source: Microsoft demonstrates once again that being able to fix systems without relying to the good will of vendors is a definite advantage in IT.

Thanks to Marc for pointing this article out.

Jaguar horror story

January 28, 2003

Ovidiu tells about his Jaguar reinstall – scary how this sounds like the Windows horror stories we all know.

Hopefully this is due to the “old” version that he started from. Fingers crossed…


January 27, 2003

My 15-inch G4 Powerbook arrived last Thursday, I’m now moving all my development and office environment to it (from Linux).

I’ll be working in at least three different locations in the next few months, and after looking at the options for a high-powered laptop for software development, the Powerbook is the clear winner: you wouldn’t use Windows for this (at least I wouldn’t), and setting up Linux on a laptop until everything runs properly takes a lot of work.

Although I’ve never used a Mac before, having BSD inside makes it very easy to switch to if you come from a unix/linux background.

Wow, all my stuff in this small case – brings distant memories of my first IBM “sewing machine” portable…

Here we go – let’s hit Fink to get started!

December 14, 2002

Don’t look there, this address doesn’t exist yet, but maybe it should..

My eleven-year old son got fed up with the family games PC crashing and Daddy having to spend yet another evening fixing it, so we decided to switch to a better games platform (in case you’re wondering, I got fed up too…).

The consensus about Windows hiding a pile of crap inside seems to grow every day, and I’m happy that even our kids seem to get the message. Windows would definitely be a bad example for them to follow in their future activities and carreers – let’s hope they will have higher standards of quality when their time comes!

In fact slashdot just published a story about switching to game consoles, looks like we’re not the only ones.