Get MySQL for 1$

January 16, 2008

Just spotted this on


Ah no..wait, there’s more:


People should use   more often ;-)

Dear Boingo: geeks do use concurrent HTTP requests, you know?

November 21, 2007

So I tried the Wi-Fi provided by Boingo at the Atlanta airport the other day, and haven’t been too successful with it.

It worked for ten minutes, after which I was banned for Anomalous Behavior. I guess that must be my RSS feed reader. You know, this thing even does several HTTP requests at the same time, wow!

Here’s what I wrote to yesterday – haven’t heard back from them yet.


I signed up for a boingo day pass yesterday at the Atlanta airport,
and my connection only worked for about ten minutes.

After that time, I got a warning saying “Anomalous Behavior Detected –
request blocked” (screenshot enclosed). I waited a few minutes to see
if the connection would become unblocked, but that didn’t happen.

That error page told me to contact a network administrator, but there
was no contact phone number, so I haven’t been able to get over that
problem, which means I haven’t been able to used the service that I
paid for.

Can I get a refund?

I think your “abnormal amount of activity” detector has been fooled by
me starting my RSS news reader, and browsing the web from several
browser windows, as I always do (I’m a professional software
developer, so I use my computer more intensively that your average
traveler I guess). This creates more HTTP requests than someone who’s
just browsing the web, but the sign-up page didn’t indicate any
limitations such as these, so I feel like I didn’t get the service
that I paid for. You might want to adjust that detection, and at least
provide a phone number to call, on the error page.

Please let me know how to proceed.

Update: they did reply today, and according to them I was blacklisted by the ATL airport network. I’ve asked for a customer service address to complain there.

Felix on Sling

November 15, 2007

felix-on-sling.jpgYesterday night’s BOF was a good opportunity to make more people aware of the nice things in Sling, and now Felix is on stage talking about it as part of the Fast Feather Track.

Fifteen minutes is a very short time to present your project, but still, the Fast Feather Track is a great opportunity for new projects and speakers to bring their contributions to ApacheCon.

Note that Felix is also a committer on Felix. Recursive committership maybe? I’ve heard the httpd guys are jealous…but it’s hard to find someone named httpd to be a committer I guess.

183 Days later…

November 1, 2007

day-logo.jpgI know…when you work for a company named Day, lame jokes are easy to come by…but hey, not all companies with 3-letter domain names are that fun!

It’s been six exciting months since I joined Day. Being interested in most everything, as usual, I have worked on diverse things like cool javascript-based user interfaces, helping customers make huge systems go faster, creating and teaching a developers course for a new product that was just entering alpha state, and attempting to make an innovative apps framework more understandable and agile.

The best part is being part of a great team, with the kind of people who create their own embedded database or content management system in their early twenties, people who reinvent the web, visionaries and great programmers and product managers who focus on getting things done right. Our products usually stay with us for ten years or more when they go out, so making them just right is worth the effort.

Do I sound enthusiastic? This job is really a step up from my previous activities, the things that I work on have a much larger scope, and the technical level is much higher. So yes, I am enthusiastic!

On top of that, several bright german guys recently agreed to join us. Judging by the stuff they’ve been doing at Mindquarry, they won’t bring the level down…

The team has been growing steadily since I joined, and we’re still hiring: R&D developers, service and support engineers, architects, technical project leads and more. Several of us will be at ApacheCon US 2007, so feel free to talk to us about that!

Last call for ApacheCon EU 08 papers!

October 26, 2007

apachecon-logo.pngThe deadline is today and the URL is

I’m submitting a talk on microsling (together with my colleague Felix from the Felix project), my usual XSLT stuff (mostly a rerun), something new on Open Source collaboration tools, and a tentative OSGi services made easy talk to demonstrate the cool Maven plugins provided by Apache Felix.

Update: the deadline has been extended to November 2nd.

Made it to the Cocoon GT 2007

October 5, 2007
entering-cocoon-gt.jpgFeels like spring in Rome, the location is great and the vibe excellent!

Many thanks to Gianugo, Arje and team, 2007 will be a great edition!

The slides of my XSLT and XPath – without the pain presentation can be found here.

Update: more slides on the Cocoon wiki.

A Sad Day: Mindquarry stops its commercial offerings

October 4, 2007

mindquarry-closing.jpgIt is sad to see Mindquarry closing down its commercial activities: it feels like many companies would deserve to be closed down before them…life’s not always fair.

Seam carving (aka content-aware image reduction) already implemented in Flash

September 19, 2007

seam-carving.jpgI didn’t expect implementations of Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir’s image resizing method (mentioned by Sylvain a while ago) to be available so quickly, but Quasimondo points to no less than four Flash implementations.

Patrick Swieskowski‘s demo, for example, allows you to play with your own images – very impressive.

Sounds like this will be part of our toolbox sooner than expected. Geniuses at work, indeed.


Cocoon GetTogether, edition 6, Rome, October 3-5th

September 4, 2007

spqr.gifSign up for the sixth Cocoon GetTogether in Rome, October 3-5th!

I might not make it this year, except maybe for the last (and most important) day, if the bytes align just right.

But with Gianugo at the helm, I’m sure it’ll be great, so maybe not andiamo, but at least andate!


ApacheCon EU 2007 registration is open

February 20, 2007

See you at ApacheCon EU 2007 in Amsterdam!


As I said before, I’ll be giving a talk on Solr and another on XSLT.