XML diff tools

March 6, 2004

Carlos E.Perez has compiled a list of Open-Source XML diff tools written in Java.

I’ll need another of these 46-hour days to review them, though…

XML 1.1 – ready for this Amharic-language newspaper!

February 5, 2004

W3C has issued the XML 1.1 recommendation, received with…mixed feelings by the XML community.

Elliotte Rusty Harold thinks everybody should stay with XML 1.0, unless you’re developing a system exclusively for a local Amharic-language newspaper in Addis Abeba where everybody including the IT staff speaks Amharic (his words).

My goddaughter does, or rather did speak Amharic, as she’s not using it much today. Anyway I don’t think we’ll be doing such a project soon. So I guess I’ll follow the above advice ;-)

XSLT syntax still sucks

December 2, 2003

This hasn’t changed since last time but it is being discussed again on the Cocoon users mailing list, so I collected some more links:

XSLScript looks much cooler than plain XSLT to write, but it doesn’t seem to be widely used.

Here’s a discussion among famous people about an abbreviated syntax for XSLT.

Linus has some opinions as well.

Antonio asks for more advice on
xsl-list. The replies roughly range from “ignore Linus” to “maybe people have been using the XML hammer for too many nails”, with an interesting sidetrack on “to swear or not to swear”.

Oleg Dulin adds a few thoughts on his weblog.

On dingo kidneys

October 28, 2003

According to Ugo Cei on the cocoon-users mailing list, XML isn’t worth “a pile of fetid dingo kidney” (TM) as a scripting language.

After writing lots of XSLT lately, I must agree.

I like XSLT as a transformation language. XPath in particular brings a lot of power to template matches and document tree queries. But the XML-based syntax is a pain, even more when you have to write some string manipulation or similar glue code.

Current dream this side of my screen would be to write Python code inside XSLT templates. I’m sure dingoes have dreams too…

StAX – efficient XML pull-parsing

September 18, 2003

StAX looks like one more API to keep an eye on – Elliotte Rusty Harold has an introductory article on xml.com, and another article from Oracle compares it to DOM and SAX.

There’s no such thing as a blank namespace

August 9, 2003

Tim Bray clarifies this somewhat confusing issue: XML elements can have no namespace, but there’s no “blank” namespace.

Mine is longer than yours…

May 24, 2003

but it’s much more readable I think.
Steven helps
with some XSLT, counting the number of lines that are needed to do the job.

Hmm..I don’t like counting lines of code. Maybe even more in XSLT than in java code, I’m always focused on readability, even if it means slightly longer code or a few more classes or templates.

Also, I like to keep usage of xsl:choice and xsl:if to the bare minimum in XSLT – using multiple templates for different cases is often clearer.

So, here’s my version of the same thing – I know Steven’s version is most probably a quick hack, but if Tom needs to be “converted” to XSLT, better show him the cleanest possible thing. This version can certainly be improved too, any takers?

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