Trackbacking? Tracking back?

Exploring trackback… Steven, I hope you won’t mind me tracking back to your “ping pong” article.

This explains the Trackback mechanism well, I think. Looks like a cool way of building discussion groups on the fly. Time will tell…

Note that that re-editing the entry later on caused pings to be sent again to the linked articles, which makes my trackbacks appear twice there. Sorry folks, I have now switched MT trackback auto-discovery off, hopefully this will not happen again.

2 Responses to Trackbacking? Tracking back?

  1. Myself says:

    It did work, even the cool MT auto-discovery feature!

    I tend to like things that work ;-)

  2. Myself says:

    Oops – auto-discovery seems to causes duplicate pings/trackbacks in the target weblogs if you re-edit the entry later on!

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