From 2002 to present: 991 posts, February 2008

This content goes back to my very first tech blog, which was running on my own rented server using Movable Type.

I've mostly been able to keep that content intact, but please expect a few dead links in there as many websites have since disappeared or have been "reorganized".

Distributed teams that actually work - Devoxx UK 2023
From one Devoxx to the next: async decisions & distributed teams
VanillaJS & the Web Platform, a match made in heaven?
Any custom HTML elements on this page?
Teaching programming: Sonic Pi for the win!
Moved, again!
WW;SW : Well Written, Subtly Wrong !
SSL/TLS certificates with Let's Encrypt
How to record decent conference videos - without breaking the bank!
Rules For Revolutionaries (2000 edition)
It's pretty quiet here these days...
Would you hire an open source developer?
Great software is like a great music teacher
Open source is done. Welcome to Open Development!
Status meetings are a waste of time and money
Large Mailing Lists Survival Guide
Apache: lean and mean, durable, fun!
Shared neurons and the Shadok's First Law of Failure
Merry Christmas avec la Soupe a la Bière a Roger!
Ten years of blogging!
On speaking in URLs
Can I haz web?
What Makes Apache Tick?
JCR in 15 minutes
The CMS vendor meme
Does OSGi work for you?
The girl effect
Thanks and congrats!
ApacheCon video
Day wins CH Open Source business Award 2008
Meme (me)
What's the age of that file?
Google Chrome cartoon rocks!
QOTD - about dwarfs
R.I.P. Randy Pausch
Welcome, Microsoft!
Gmail superstars
Craviotto drums - wow
On the board
Me, a Maven fan?
svn delete CVS ??
Google Summer of Code 2008!
Developer Usability
Sorry, planetapache readers
Untangled - at last
Moved to
About to move this blog...
Abdera + JCR = Atom server?
Got 60 seconds?
Get MySQL for 1$
Comments mostly closed
ASF meeting is over
Don't miss the New Bubble!
Felix on Sling
What Open Development brings
Sling at ApacheCon US 07
Gianugo on Open Development
Off to Atlanta
I love the Web
183 Days later...
No Leopard upgrade for me
My procmail rules IDE
SCO Group files Chapter 11
bash history unleashed
I'm not on AIM anymore
Everything is content!
Solr 1.2 released!
Congrats Carsten!
Multi-touch is it
Roger's beer soup
Solr 1.1 released
The eBay architecture
Victory in the schema wars
All of Tufte's work!
The Venice Project opens up
Solr committer!
Full-screen Flash videos
The vi survival guide
Solr does XSLT
Wicket moves to Apache
Comment spammers, go away
Politically correct code
Going to Venice
sudo read this
So what is a Hackathon?
The CocoonGT program is out
It's SATIS! You heard it here!
Tim Bray on Atom
Is GMail on holidays?
ASF incubator stats
ApacheCon pictures!
Why do I blog?
Back from the moon
Offline again
rinetd port forwarder
GMail is 704ing me
Guess where?
MacOSX Mail.App to GMail
Google Calendar is here
Cocoon 2.1.9 is out
yum provides
Congratulations Hippo!
It just doesn't matter
The 37 signals manifesto
Google Tech Talks videos
VMware on Intel-based Macs?
Best blonde joke ever
Registered on
No more IE for MacOSX
timbl has a blog!
Cocoon 2.1.8 is out!
It's about integrity
Google Number - revisited
Java 5 for Mac OSX
Thanks Arjé!
Cocoon does Ajax!
Is Cocoon obsolete?
Uncatched Exception
ouais mais bon
Ray Nagin interview online
We have some rain
Cocoon stack traces
Cocoon live on the zone
I'm 48th
That's it
Oscar OSGI at the ASF?
The ASF has grown
ApacheCon pictures
Meeting the Forresters
Hackathon starts
ApacheCon wiki
mac mini colocation
Creme Brulee
Standalone ViewCVS
My first portable...
Summer of Code
The Backpack API
dogfood indexing
Do you speak data: ?
A380 application failure
Recursion in XSLT is fun
A bit of snow here
Open Source Bouffe
All the XSLT you need
Three to go..
Long live Lepido!
Look ma, I'm on TV
Water on Mars!
Starting the move...
Java is ten years old
Cocoon 2.1.7 released
Faceted browsing
Reusable knowledge
26 to go...
Back from LOTS
What you need to know...
Ray the Movie - loved it!
Lucene rocks
countdown to LOTS 2005
LOTS catalog is online
OpenBlog at LOTS
Cocoon en francais
Trackbacks disabled
Clustering for the masses, courtesy of Logic Pro
See you at LOTS 2005!
Apples for the masses
Yell if you know this boy
Joyeux Noel
Run, Asimo, run!
Better templates in Cocoon?
Open Source VC - in France!
Burrokeet LCMS
News on Java and the LGPL
QemuX and Qemu
ApacheCon keynotes videos
Welcome Andreas
Firefox 1.0
Amazon Simple Queue Service
the Keytar - looks like fun
Boycotting Halloween
Dirty Punk Anarchy Machine
new Aardman site
OQO ships
Moog - the movie
GT pictures
Clickatell bulk SMS gateway
Cocoon success stories!
GT2004 Hackathon starts
Eternal Egypt
47 bugs hit
Off to Ghent
Visitor from Nicaragua
Open Laszlo
100 times the fun...
It's the sharing, stupid!
OSCOM4: Erik Hatcher on Lucene
Off to OSCOM
log4j and Chainsaw
Cocoon talks at OSCOM
near-live planet desktop
Open Source Newspaper
Noisy server (French)
English is fun
DNS treasure chest
Where I'm back from...
Powerbook battery recall
I'm back
Earth at night
No comments
gpg on macosx - easy
Scripting bugzilla
Venus Transit
Carsten, I hear you!
The Grinder
XmlHttpRequest rocks
Doing it right
Flow Slow?
Hermes JMS browser
Rhino Shell
Reuters RSS feeds
Big +1 to Erik
On kasher OSS licenses
Bubblets are in
Blogroll is gone
On persuading people
Switzerland gets bigger
GroovyMarkup in Cocoon
Clover, JUnit and more
At the airport again
On @author tags
Free gigabyte! Hurry!
Web Application Worms
Where I've been
Aluminium beats Titanium
Killed by numlock
Tha Shizzolator, dude
Groovy JSR
Wiki syntax standard?
Biking fun
XML diff tools
Word leaks
sky view café
Amazon RSS feeds
Used PCs for prisoners
Avalon Howto's
4-Star Cocoon
Repainting the front door
Vocaloid released
ASF license violation
Poignant Ruby
It's all in the action
Meeting Jeremias IRL
Let my Java Go
The Silly Patents Show
And the best browser is...
LOTS catalog is now online
Open Groupware - wow!
Maceo rules
Orkut doesn't need to know
HP distributes Cocoon
Bye bye SCO
Let's open the source!
Cocoon performance
Verbose planet
Stefano moves!
Planet Apache
Too busy...
Different New Year's eve
Looking for a new home
On Powerpoint again
Open-source java profilers
Naked Objects
Groovy 1.0-beta-1 is out!
Vriting in pleyn inglich
One deadweight less
Is Java Desktop happening?
Cocoon Roadmap
Looking Glass
XSLT syntax still sucks
The Prince of PDF?
Google Number
Cocoon is slow (not!)
Banned by
Evolvable systems
Lightweight EJB
Cocoon-based WYSIWYG Wiki?
ApacheCon presentations
LOAFy Whitespace
LOAF is here. Finally.
Dare to try any job
Too many powerful tools
Mozilla phone support
Incredibly Obvious Secrets
Playing the Beatles
XML books are no more
Word to XML converter
Enabling Web Services
Blogging can get you fired
Software machines
On dingo kidneys
Cocoon GetTogether videos
GetTogether - day two
GetTogether coverage
SubEthaEdit rocks
GetTogether time
Build your own Segway
Web disservices
Are checked exceptions evil?
6400 x 1200 pixels
Wiki as an offline editor
Sun Java Desktop review
ApacheCon US 2003
Hibernate sellout
Javaless java
Jazz evening
Bending the rules
Ten XForms systems compared
GetTogether again!
Welcome to the new switcher
Hosted issue tracking?
Offline again
OSX for geeks tips
Linux on a SIMM
Geronimo talks
New Cocoon committers
jave - ASCII art editor
Ask the right questions
jfor 0.7.2rc1
Visiteurs de France
Mozilla Foundation!
Google Frontends
Open Source Who's Who
CSS bookmarklets
Pragmatic wisdom
Server woes
SCO vs. everybody
Linotype has landed
JDBC spy/profiler
Can't wait...
java dot net dot fud?
Anting in style
spamassassin is back
More on slideware
Committers for hire
is jfor dead?
Mozilla Firebird
One percent of idiots
More PDF in macosx
Better RDF
War zone
Missing the boat?
Just ask /dev/null
Tufte on slideware
motorhome directory?
Improvising XML
Switching hosts
HP Volksputer
Cocoon Flow in Java?
Sample this!
Dog gets blog
Cheap browser DOS
Cocoon flow 101
Killing NT4?
Native XML scripting
Blogging or not blogging
Ski season
Nigerian scam flood
Mysterious offline meetings
More mind reading...
Less is more...
Jaguar horror story
Fisheye menus
Wiki rules!
Mailing lists netiquette
BEAFF - Alea Jacta Est
SQuirreL SQL Client
Open vs.licensed software
Forrest is moving fast!