Biking fun

fun motorcycle

Last week I had the pleasure to attend a one-day motorcycle sliding class directed by our motorcycle hero Jacques Cornu (links to pages in french).

Jacques has won several world-class championships between 1977 and 1982, and started his biking school a few years ago.

A great experience! Perfect organization, nice bikes (I got to ride about ten different ones from small Montesa trial machines to powerful KTM enduros), very competent instructors including the Master himself.

The program covers trial basics (small hill climbing, obstacles, sloooow driving), a nice enduro ride in selected forrest trails (including snow and ice), and an afternoon of basic motocross technique, blocking wheels, sliding, efficient braking and finally trying to keep up with the instructors on a varied motocross track (only trying, though ;-)

Definitely recommended if you live around here and ride a bike - what I learned there certainly helps being safer on the road.

As a nice side effect, the next morning the muscular pain made me discover some muscles that I didn't even know about ;-)