From one Devoxx to the next: async decisions & distributed teams

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I don't know about you but I've been having a hard time getting accepted for speaking at Devoxx conferences.

So I'm very happy to be speaking next week, on May 11th, at Devoxx UK on distributed teams that actually work.

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Preparing that session, I realized that I never mentioned my presentation at Devoxx Paris here, on asynchronous decision making, back in ...2018, time flies!.

Presenting there was very enjoyable, and I often refer to that presentation when discussing such things, also because the recording quality is nice.

Maybe those if my readers who understand French will enjoy watching that again:

Next week's presentation is a bit broader, as an overview of on all key elements that allow distributed teams to work efficiently, but in both cases the central message is that it's our communication patterns that drive the whole thing. I'll make some noise about that recording here once it's ready.

By the way, I also signed up for a Blind Ignite session at Devoxx UK, where I'll have to present 20 slides that I won't see in advance, in 5 minutes. Being adventurous is good for you, isn't it?

Prise de d├ęcisions asynchrones - Devoxx Paris, 2018