Meeting Jeremias IRL

fop thoughts

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeremias Maerki (FOP committer and author of Krysalis Barcode) at the LOTS conference yesterday.

After knowing him "in writing" for quite some time, I knew we had similar views of many things, and I also felt a nice guy behind his wise writings.

Such real-life encounters with people that you know only "virtually" are always great, and this one was no exception: I met with an even nicer guy that I imagined, and we very quickly clicked into interesting discussions around many shared views.

This reinforces the idea: mailing lists only convey a small part of our ideas and feelings. If we could afford it (money and timewise), real-life meetings with team members should be a prerequisite before becoming part of a "virtual team". This would make our "virtual life" easier, for sure.