Missing the boat?

While Matthew Langham sees companies running to get onboard the Open-Source boat, it is sad to see Sun trying to fight JBoss with whatever silly weapon they can find (via Steven).

I like boats. I like sailboats even more. And I like it when the wind picks up…

Update: the silly weapon thing seems to be even worse than I thought – the “fight JBoss” weblog entry linked above has been removed by his author. Steven has some thoughts about it.

2 Responses to Missing the boat?

  1. I like sailing too. I wonder how many people in Apache. I’m certified for coastal navigation, not yet for blue waters.

    Strong feelings when you steer with a good wind.

    D’autres fois, calme plate, grand miroir
    De mon desespoir!

    Charles Baudelaire, La Musique ;-)

  2. Well, here in Switzerland we have few opportunities to do sea navigation ;-)
    So I’m certified for nothing unfortunately, my experience includes only small 4.40 meters sailboats on lakes, and a lot of windsurfing when I was younger (I started in 1976). Now that my kids are older I’d like to do more sailing again, but I’d need more of these 46-hour days…

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