Go camping, become an ASF member!


Although I suspect there might no relationship between both things, coming back from a nice camping weekend I had the very pleasant surprise of finding news of my election as a member of the Apache Software Foundation, along with six other new members.

Among the Cocoon team, David Crossley and Gianugo Rabellino are also on the list, congratulations!

Big thanks! It is a great honor to be accepted as a member, and I'll do my best to contribute efficiently to the Foundation and to its projects (this will be Cocoon mainly, I'm not actively involved in other projects at the moment).

Open Source is happening, and I'm proud to be part of this!

More news can be found here, here, and here.

(sorry if you get this entry several times in my RSS feed - MT has been behaving funnily this morning, I had to delete and recreate this entry to get back to a sane state).