Remote whiteboarding with Reinhard and Torsten


whiteboard-with-reinhard.jpgWe've just be testing Coccinella with Reinhard and Torsten, and the results are promising. As a test, we tried to collaborate to reproduce a picture that we all know and love...

Using public chatrooms at or, we kept losing drawing messages with the three of us working on the same drawing simultaneously. This means losing parts of the drawing, which is then out of sync between the participants. Unusable.

Then we quickly tried with a dedicated jabberd server that installed from a debian package, and it's much better: drawing together with Reinhard (Torsten had to go) on the same canvas was really quick, and we didn't lose anything.

This might be a very good solution for remote collaboration, if we can get a complete server installed - my quick and dirty install doesn't do conferences yet, only peer-to-peer chat.

And I must not forget: 498.