Friendship is now measured in Langhams!

Matthew writes about what makes people friends or not.

It’s not links on orkut. It’s not links to or from your blog.

These could be starting points for sure, but the difference is in whether you care for your “friends”.

Matthew’s question is right on: if your “friend” wrote about having an affair or beating up someone, would you care?

Would you do something?

Would you feel bad about not being able to do anything?

Would you remove the quotes on “friend”?

Thanks Matthew for your thoughts – I suggest that we create a new unit of measurement for friendship (which is not a boolean thing) and call it Langhams, in honor of our great friendship scientist!

But – we won’t publish measurements. You know who you are.

4 Responses to Friendship is now measured in Langhams!

  1. On friends

    Matthew, Bertrand and Sylvain are commenting on the aspect of friendship in the context of social networks and blogging. Matthew…

  2. Hi Bertrand,

    I don’t really mean “would you care” – obviously you would care (i.e. you would have an opinion on it). But how would we react weblog-wise – that is the actual question I’m trying to dig into. We use all this new social-software stuff to forge networks and create “friends” – but what would happen in a situation like I mention?


  3. Well, I think I would react weblog-wise, if it was from someone with whom I’m in regular “weblog contact”.

    I’d probably link to such a story, trying to stay factual, maybe “something funny is happening at XYZ, I feel uneasy about it. Hopefully it’s a joke or a weblog experiment”. And, in parallel, contact the person by email to find out more.

    But it’s hard for me to project myself into such an imaginary situation, one where strong feelings usually take over.

  4. +1 on Langhams as the SI unit for friendship.

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