Moved, again!

blogs milestones

Moving this blog to a platform where I have more (as in complete) control has been on my mind for a while.

With Spring arriving I took the plunge and moved this blog to a new setup based on the 11ty static site generator, using Matt DeCamp's eleventonia starter project for the theme.

I've been able to keep most of my URLs stable over the years, but you'll probably find some dead links in older posts, as websites come and go.

I did dig out some missing images from a very old Movable Type archive of the first version of this blog, the content of which has been kept (mostly) intact over the years!

I haven't "ported" the comments however, as nowadays commenting happens elsewhere and I didn't feel the need to install a specific commenting service.

The magic of the real Web is being able to move content over three platforms, losing almost nothing and with very reasonable effort. Run away from people who tell you otherwise!

I'm so happy to see the Open Web becoming more important again, with all the activity around the Fediverse nowadays, personal blogs being important again and RSS feeds being back!

The content goes back to 2002, it looks like I missed the opportunity to celebrate my twenty years of blogging last year!