Five steps to becoming a good programmer – guaranteed!

You’ll find heaps of those three steps to becoming a good programmer recipes on the web, but believe me: they’re all wrong!

Becoming a good programmer actually takes five steps, presented here as a world premiere exclusively for my (two) readers:

  1. Start by being a great programmer.
  2. Drink too much beer.
  3. Sleep too little.
  4. Watch lots of TV.
  5. Leave Windows open for too long.

Results are guaranteed.

6 Responses to Five steps to becoming a good programmer – guaranteed!

  1. lejoe says:


    made me laught. So true!

  2. leo says:

    lejoe you must be the other reader, nice to read you.

    I think I have to work on step 3 and 4, but I’m on a good way ;-)

  3. -marc= says:

    Occasionally one reads a blog-entry with so much wisdom that you can’t help but wishing you were present at all the various life-experiences of the author that lead to it…



    By the way: I strongly deny being the third reader, I’m just commenting!

  4. Patrick says:

    I read ‘you’ all the time!

    BTW: at what step are you?

  5. Bertrand says:

    @Patrick: I did not mean to imply that I have started yet ;-)

  6. I think you need more work on your programming skills – reading the number of your comments, you seem to be off by an order of magnitude the number of your readers.

    I keep wondering how many eyeballs actually gets on a daily basis!

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