183 Days later...

day-logo.jpgI know...when you work for a company named Day, lame jokes are easy to come by...but hey, not all companies with 3-letter domain names are that fun!

It's been six exciting months since I joined Day. Being interested in most everything, as usual, I have worked on diverse things like cool javascript-based user interfaces, helping customers make huge systems go faster, creating and teaching a developers course for a new product that was just entering alpha state, and attempting to make an innovative apps framework more understandable and agile.

The best part is being part of a great team, with the kind of people who create their own embedded database or content management system in their early twenties, people who reinvent the web, visionaries and great programmers and product managers who focus on getting things done right. Our products usually stay with us for ten years or more when they go out, so making them just right is worth the effort.

Do I sound enthusiastic? This job is really a step up from my previous activities, the things that I work on have a much larger scope, and the technical level is much higher. So yes, I am enthusiastic!

On top of that, several bright german guys recently agreed to join us. Judging by the stuff they've been doing at Mindquarry, they won't bring the level down...

The team has been growing steadily since I joined, and we're still hiring: R&D developers, service and support engineers, architects, technical project leads and more. Several of us will be at ApacheCon US 2007, so feel free to talk to us about that!