All your cybertool belong to us

Yesterday Brussels Airport Security wouldn’t let me bring my Cybertool on board. Forgot to put it in my luggage at check-in, it was in my backpack just in case. booh-hoooh…

So I’m now the proud owner of a paper which I can bring to an office there to get it back. Anyone need a day of Cocoon consulting in Brussels so I can go back and get it?

Update: thanks to Tom I got my knife back. Weblogs are great! Virtual friends are great!

2 Responses to All your cybertool belong to us

  1. I also usually have a (small!) swiss knife in my pocket and try to not forget to put it my luggage.

    But more and more, receptionists now ask if you don’t hold forbidden objects *before* you check in the luggage. Maybe because of the huge load of various items they have to keep?

  2. Tom Klaasen says:

    Bertrand, I happen to currently work at a 5 minutes drive from Brussels Airport. If your cybertool is dear to you, maybe we can work something out of me getting it and posting it to you. (I have no idea of the value of this thing though, so maybe it’s not worth the shipping costs…)

    Let me know what you think.

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