On the board

The members meeting of the Apache Software Foundation is over, and I’ve had the pleasant surprise of being elected as a member of the board.

Thanks very much to Henning for nominating me, and to everybody who put an f in their votes.

I’m replacing Henri Yandell who decided not to run again this year, for very good family reasons as I understand. Thanks Henri for your work!

Apart from him the board is unchanged. That will probably make the transition easier than last year, when several directors were replaced at once. It feels good to be the newbie when you’re 46 years old ;-)

Am I looking forward to it? Am I crazy? I guess yes and yes…

7 Responses to On the board

  1. Congrats Bertrand! I’m sure your will do a very good job in this position!

  2. Congratulations, have fun!

  3. Arjé Cahn says:

    Congrats, Bertrand. Very well deserved. :)
    “ffffff” !!!

  4. Congratulation and Kudo for all the work you have done for the ASF. Have fun with this new position

  5. Renaud says:

    congrats Bertrand! well deserved.

  6. Congratulations, Bertrand!
    Now we’ll see you put that Media Training into action ;-)

    Bertrand, Bertrand!
    He’s our man.
    If he can’t do it,
    No-one can!
    Yaaaaay, Bertrand!

  7. Fabrice says:

    Congratulations !! And thanks again for coming yesterday !

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