Why do I blog?


Thinking about it, the main reason for me is clearly networking.

This blog (and its french-speaking cousin) will never attract the masses which would make it worth advertising here. So it's not for the money.

I'm not blogging about any world-changing events, so it's not for the fame. Micro-fame in some of my micro-worlds, maybe, sometimes, but nothing to write home about it.

However, after almost three years of blogging, the effects on my network of colleagues, friends and sometimes customers are measurable: many encounters and "coincidences" would simply not happen without this communications channel.

So it's all about communicating with my peers, in a very informal and "take what you like" way, and it's worth it! Several of my posts have helped in launching new projects and above all in meeting new people, online and also in real life.

Other benefits are the notes to self which I often post here: some of them might be useful to you at some point, but they're mostly for me. Looking back from time to time (like Jean-Pascal Delamuraz would say) is like looking at the water trace that follows your boat, hoping to find it nice and clean.

And finally, I hope that some of my posts are contributions to the global knowledge pool that blogs are creating: snippets of knowledge that usually get good rankings on Google, as (these days) blogs have a lot of link value. My statistics show that some of my posts are actually useful to people!

That's it. Being a blog millionaire would have some advantages of course, but it's not for me - at least not now - yet I'm a happy blogger!