Way cool URLs at map.search.ch

So even if map.search.ch maps are not really up to date, I had missed their way cool URLs. Thanks Urs.

For example: you want know where “rue du simplon 3” in Renens is? Here you go: http://map.search.ch/renens/simplon-3. If you’re around during office hours, call me for a drink!

One Response to Way cool URLs at map.search.ch

  1. We’re in the progress of updating most bigger cities, which is where new aerial photos are becoming available. The older ones are form 1997 and 1998. It is clear that the high level of details also allows for very easy checks (i.e. look out of the window :) ), which gives us a little expectation management problem. However, I think for most regions, this map still proves to be equally useful (on its own and compared to just vectorbased based maps).

    BTW: The overlaid streetmap is much more current (and we’re also constantly working on it). So we probably already find your house, and I hope that in a short time, we can also show it to you :)

    If you’re interested in more background on map.search.ch, you can read about it on my blog.

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