Call for papers – ApacheCon Europe 2009

The call for papers for ApacheCon Europe 2009 (Amsterdam, March 23-27) is open, proposals must be submitted before October 24th. Don’t miss it!

4 Responses to Call for papers – ApacheCon Europe 2009

  1. Jeroen Reijn says:

    I guess you mean ApacheCon EU 2009 in the body of your post? :-)

  2. bdelacretaz says:

    You *are* right. Fixed, thanks ;-)

  3. Hi Bertrand,

    would it make sense if I proposed a talk “Marketing Apache” that would look into how the Apache community markets itself, how it is positioned in the market, what it does well and which challenges might lie ahead in terms of marketing?


  4. bdelacretaz says:

    @Sandro, I think so, having an external view of the ASF’s marketing would certainly be interesting!

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