Google Number - revisited

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Let's see how people's Google Numbers have evolved since last time...

Grady Booch gets 369'000, up from 27'000 .

[Jesus Christ]( Christ%22) gets 16'700'000, up from 3,820,000 .

[the Beatles]( Beatles%22) get 10'400'000, up from 1,300,000. Still less popular than Jesus Christ according to Google.

Jerry Pournelle gets 515'000, up from 27'300.

Bertrand Meyer gets 233'000, up from 25,800 .

Linus Torvalds gets 6'222'000, up from 627,000. Still wow.

Pekka Himanen gets 58'000, up from 6,990.

William Gibson gets 1'830'000, up from 240'000.

Tim Berners-Lee gets 1'960'000, up from 92,700. A big increase here.

C-F Ramuz gets 54'200, up from 3'560. He's still dead since 1947, so that's a remarkable score.

Yours truly gets 60'100, up from 4,210. I'm still in front of C-F Ramuz ;-)

Our new contestant is Daffy Duck who gets 909'000.

Most numbers have increased between 10 and 20 times, it will be interesting to see if the trend continues in the next two years. I'd bet for a slower increase for non-web related people, and maybe the same rate for those who "live" on the web. Come back in two years and we'll see what happened...