XML diff tools

Carlos E.Perez has compiled a list of Open-Source XML diff tools written in Java.

I’ll need another of these 46-hour days to review them, though…

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  1. XML diff utilities in Java

    Carlos E. Perez of Managebility has created a small list of Open Source XML Diff Written in Java . I must add this to my XML Differencing Overview Page as soon as my MovableType is working again. [via Bertrand Delacretaz ]

  2. Reinhard Poetz says:

    Hi Bertrand,
    Do you know at least a JavaBeans-diff tool by chance?

    Otherwise it should be possible to to the JavaBeans –> Castor –> XML-diff way.


  3. I don’t know of an existing diff tool for beans but it would be good to have one!

    The algorithms would be similar to XML, wouldn’t they? A common project or refactoring seems to make sense then.

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