Storytelling power to the people

archimob thoughts

The Andy Hertzfeld interview (previous post) also lead me to, a web site devoted to collective historical storytelling.

Great stories about how the Mac came to be, and I like the concept of collective authoring very much!

Funny, this is very similar to the L'Histoire c'est moi (more or less "I'm the historian") exhibition for which I worked: let the people tell their stories themselves instead of going through the historian's necessarily biased eyes. This allows everyone to make their own opinion about what happened.

By the way, if you're in Switzerland you should see the exhibition when it comes to your area. It's simply people telling stories about their life during World War II, but almost everybody is quickly hooked to these grandpas and grandmas describing very different times. Beware, most people I know spent much more time there than they expected to!