My ApacheCon EU 2007 proposals

apachecon solr

This might inspire you for some last-minute proposals. And later allow you to find out which ones were not accepted ;-)

Beyond technical skills: what makes open source developers sucessful?

Talking about openness, honesty, humility, respect as essential values.

Transforming XML with XSLT - without the pain!

Many people should learn much more about XPath and the tree model, and should ignore most XSLT instructions when starting to write transforms.

Open Source Project Tools for Corporate Projects?

Mostly a rerun of last year's talk, in case the planners want it again.

The HTTP developer's toolkit</

Examples using wget, curl, ab, ngrep and similar tools to find out what's happening between your client and server. Developers working with HTTP-based software should be familiar with these tools - or be prepared to fly blind!

Beyond full-text searches with Solr and Lucene

Tales from the trenches, a case study based on my current project, using Solr to replace database-based searches, and as a backend for Ajax-based navigation widgets.

I don't expect all five to be accepted of course...or I might have to pack them all into one, with a 50% discount as someone recently did.

Steve has also published his proposals titles. I'd love to hear him on the datacenter in your wallet, this utility computing stuff is very exciting.