XSLT and XPath, without the pain!

Here are my slides from last week’s ApacheCon. That’s mostly an excuse to play with the cool slideshare embedding widget, as the slides aren’t really standalone: you might need me to make sense of them ;-)

The talk went well, including some challenging questions and feedback, which is cool.

Someone with a strong background in rules-based languages came up to talk, and made me realize that my talk is really targeted at people who come from a procedural language background. People who know Prolog or a related language have an easier time moving to XSLT that those who come from Java or C, so my “avoid procedural constructs” line doesn’t really apply to them.

One Response to XSLT and XPath, without the pain!

  1. What? We need you with the slides? Hmm… looks like an opportunity for a new startup: bertrandshare.com :-)

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