Talking at Jazoon, Zürich, next week

jazoon.jpgI’ll be talking as a co-speaker with David Nuescheler at Jazoon next thursday, on the revenge of the weblog in 15 minutes. The talk description still mentions microjax, but that’s dead, it’s the Sling client library now. No conceptual changes though, that’s mostly a renaming.

I’m working on the Sling JST templates this week, as the code that this template engine generated was way too ugly to be shown in public. That’s getting better.

3 Responses to Talking at Jazoon, Zürich, next week

  1. leo says:

    As Java is not my daily job anymore, I’m not at Jazoon. But as my offices are more or less around the corner we probably can drink a beer together in the evening.

  2. I attended your session, well done.. the code worked and the splitting speaker than coder was a very nice trick.. the session was more clear …

    About the contents, well, sling idea seems cool and there is also the nice competition out there.. but pure Html contents is hard to fit the customers expectations nowadays.. everyone looking for the next extreme media contents, with video, audio, etc..

    I liked the session, thanks and se you at Jazoon09 :)

  3. bdelacretaz says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Pure HTML content is of course just the beginning of what there is to say about Sling, you’re right that we should probably talk more about Sling’s powerful multimedia features…I guess we’ll try to get more Sling sessions at jazoon09 to cover more stuff!

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