I'm at foss4g2006, the Open Source GIS conference

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SP_A0191.jpgI'm sitting in the Amphimax at the University of Lausanne, for the keynotes of the foss4g2006 conference, which is about Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics.

I have nothing to do with GIS, but as it's so close to my office, and I know some of the guys behind the conference, it's a great opportunity to get to know this community.

The conference program is packed, the organization looks good, the screens are huge as you can (barely) see on the picture, and the wifi is good.

I haven't found info on the IRC backchannel yet, let's see if ngrep finds it...

We're currently having the quart d'heure vaudois, a local tradition where everything has to start fifteen minutes late. Not uncommon for conferences, but here it's even better as it gives it a more local feel ;-)