livescribe note-taking smart pen – wow!

livescribe.jpgI wasn’t impressed at first when looking at the livescribe smart pen hardware specs (although impressive, that’s in a way just another smart pen), but the demos made the coin drop: synchronizing audio with smart paper notes sounds like the killer app for smart pens, and that pen seems to do it right. Can’t wait to try it!

3 Responses to livescribe note-taking smart pen – wow!

  1. Nice, but talk about lock-in… you need to use their *paper*!

  2. bdelacretaz says: says “We will also enable customers to print Livescribe dot paper for free…we estimate that it will be a few more months…” so there’s hope!

  3. Fabrice says:

    I’ve seen the demos at JavaOne and it was really impressive. I really regret not to have bought one there.

    @Gianugo They have announced that the paper will be freely available within a few months.

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