Google Chrome cartoon rocks!

google-chrome-chris.jpgI haven’t seen the browser yet but Google Chrome’s cartoon is the best description of o piece of software that I’ve seen in a long time. Kudos to Scott McCloud – someone should convince our local cartoon star or my friend MiBé to do similar things!

Using graphics to explain stuff is obviously the best way, but the dynamics of the cartoon format (varying image sizes to emphasize importance, repetition of similar patterns and shapes to create a familiar universe in small steps) go much further than just combining images and descriptions. Not to mention the fun factor in reading it – everybody knows that people learn better when fun is involved.

I’m convinced – we need more of this to explain our often complex software systems.

3 Responses to Google Chrome cartoon rocks!

  1. Completely agree! This is one of the reason of the great success of the Head First Series of O’Reilly I think.

  2. Jeremy Quinn says:

    I agree, it is beautifully done!
    Far more compelling than the usual feature list.
    I especially loved the feeling I got, that I was watching real people put their message across.
    Apart from the presentation itself, which was sublime, I look forward to their innovations!

  3. chi says:

    I thought it was a creative way to get their ideas out. I think people are a bit overloaded on videos and needed something different. What’s also funny is the mock cartoons people are making .

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