Solr 1.1 released

Solr 1.1 is the first release of this Lucene-based search server.

See the tutorial, the resources page or (shameless plug ahead) my article to learn more about this great tool. Solr is already used in many places for some serious indexing.

Last Wednesday we demoed the Solr-based indexing in our current project, and as someone put it, it seems like the search results arrive before the submit button bounces back up.

Can you tell I’m a bit enthusiastic?

2 Responses to Solr 1.1 released

  1. Thanks Bertrand for keep blogging about Solr!
    Because of your blogs we decided to use Solr in one of our project as the search engine and Solr it doing pretty well.

    We did not finished the project yet but we are confident about Solr and plan to use in the future too.

    Merry christmas to you and your family from Nicaragua. ;)

  2. Landron Pierre says:

    Thanks Bertrand, for your article on : It gave me the oportunity to install it.

    I’m currently trying to integrate Solr to my project, but I need to conform the code with the existing interface.

    In fact my main problem come from a “browse index” method defined as this :
    browseIndex( $startTerm, $termPageSize, $fieldName ).

    I cannot figure how to simply browse an index with Solr. It seemed so obvious that such a method exists I didn’t even verify that was the case before installing Solr.
    But now, i’m struggled by an awfull doubt : Is it really possible ?

    Nevertheless, Solr is really interesting…

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