Cocoon bricks-cms example application, available online

I’ve just posted the following message to the Cocoon mailing lists, testers are most welcome, see the BricksCms wiki page for up-to-date information!

Hi community,

I’m preparing the bricks-cms example application for the GetTogether
next week, a first version is available in the whiteboard.

See .

Testers are welcome – although there’s not much to test at the
application level, if people could try to build and run the app in
various environments it would be really appreciated!

If someone finds time to test it, please report your findings here or
on the wiki page, or send patches, or commit your fixes, whatever’s
most appropriate.

Note that my GT talk contains the words “best practices” in the
title…but the first slide will say “there are no best practices”:
there is more than one way of doing things in Cocoon!

The bricks-cms currently shows my way of building apps, but there are
many other valid ways, and of course I’m open to suggestions!

I’ve been using a similar app skeleton to explain Cocoon to several of
my customers over the last year, and they’ve liked it. Hopefully it
will help people get a better overview of what Cocoon is.

Hope to see many of you at the GetTogether, registration is still open
at !


3 Responses to Cocoon bricks-cms example application, available online

  1. Mansour says:

    Any plans to continue development on this CMS? Please email me to discuss this.

  2. bdelacretaz says:

    I don’t plan to expand this, and it’s not really a CMS, just an example application.

  3. Mansour says:

    I see. Thank you, Bertrand.

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