City of Zurich goes live with CQ5 and Sling

day favorite sling is the first public website to run on Day's new CQ5 Web Content Management System (aka The Big Release). That's apart from Day's own website, of course, which our CTO happily updated on the very evening of the general availability release, in eat-your-own-dogfood mode.

Apart from the fact that it runs on stuff that I helped create, I think the website is very well done, with efficient navigation and search features - congrats to the project team!

I gave a very early alpha training to members of that project's team in October 2007, while CQ5 was still taking shape. That was an interesting experience, which also led to an extensive rewrite of Sling. Glad to see that it has worked out!

The website, associated WCMS and custom applications all run on Sling, which confirms this quote from Adam Constabaris's excellent introduction to Sling:

From a technical perspective, Sling's fairly stable and has at least one full-fledged "release" under its belt. The main issue is that most of the developers work for the same company (Day Software). The Apache Software Foundation requires projects to establish that they have a sustainable, distributed community of committers, and that's why it's still in incubation. Since the project's getting more attention though, I don't expect it to be too long before it "graduates."

Sling has indeed been getting more attention lately, so hopefully more people will jump in and help in diversifying the community.

(The quote sounds familiar though, not sure if it's really Adam's words).

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