One deadweight less


I just got back from my last minutes of military service (aka trashcan party), where we returned all our equipment, with thanks for having served the country. Mind you, we didn't have a choice and for me there was a lot of wasted time and energy in this thing. But thanks for the thanks ;-)

In this country, until recently, men were potential soldiers until the age of 42. This meant having this outdated equipment stored in your basement, including a weapon and ammunition for potential armed soldiers. My brother is a fireman and has learned to count up to twenty-four (the number of bullets in the ammo can) when there's a fire and bullets start exploding. No fun.

I refused to have a weapon, which meant going through a military court to justify your reasons. Mine included having two guys from the village shoot themselves with the gun that they found in the house. No fun.

Our army is finally being modernized, scaled down and somewhat professionalized, which means firing a lot of potential deadweights like me.

So even I'm only 41, I got to give my stuff back earlier. I'm happy, and if the army could talk I'm sure it would say the same!