NeoOffice: OpenOffice for macosx, without the pain

I just tested NeoOffice for macosx, which Urs showed me last week, and my first impressions are very positive.

NeoOffice/J is said to use a combination of Carbon and Java to run the OpenOffice code natively on macosx. Intriguing, but is seems to work very well indeed.

So, it runs without X (cool), prints natively (cool) and feels really good to use (cool++). The looks are still a bit neolithic (which is what Neo means by the way), but who cares? It seems to do job just fine.

I'm going to use it for office documents, of which I do very few by the way. I've learned to hate word processors since moving to more structured ways of working on text.

I still need to have a look at pages though, but that's another story...