Everything is content!

david-nuescheler-tss-video-shots.jpgIf your applications have to do with content (and they do – read on), you shouldn’t miss TSS’s video interview of David Nuescheler, the JSR-170 and JSR 283 spec lead.

David explains his everything is content mantra, and the more I work with this technology, the more I agree.

We’ve been working on a dead simple javascript-based interface to JSR-170 lately, that will make content repositories much easier to access. Stay tuned!

And by the way, David is also CTO of a cool company that I’m kinda related with. We are looking for talented people, see you there maybe?

2 Responses to Everything is content!

  1. Odi says:

    The “cooler” company however is Magnolia Ltd. (ex. Obinary): http://www.magnolia.info/
    AFAIK they are guys that left Day. Day is not particularly happy with them :-)

  2. Cooler? Well, I guess everyone’s allowed to have their own opinion on this ;-)

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