Guy Goma: perception is reality

So this Guy, waiting for a job interview at a BBC office, is rushed to a TV studio, to answer questions live about the Apple vs. Apple case. Except he’s not the right Guy…

A noble man has got to do his job – and give the audience what they expect. Guy Goma answers the questions in a perceptually real way and gets instant fame. Is he really worse than the usual experts?

The video will stay as an important piece of our TV history.

Via pieceoplastic who’s got a great visual analysis of Guy Goma’s initial reaction (“it’s not me – but what the heck”).

3 Responses to Guy Goma: perception is reality

  1. Jorg Heymans says:

    does anyone know if t-shirts have started selling from this guy? If so count me in, Goma for president !

  2. Malaiko says:

    I just would like clear some points that have been around regarding this guy (Guy Goma)

    Mr Goma is a Business Studies graduate, from the Congo, and he was there in reception because he was applying for a high level IT job with the BBC.

    And he wasn’t there to pick up a fare, because he’s not a cabbie(some people try to suggest this around the net).

    Apparently the unflappable Mr Goma assumed the whole thing was some kind of initiation prank. His own speciality is data cleansing, and (my source inside the Beeb tells me) was “a little upset that nobody asked him about his data cleansing expertise.”

    and yes i’ve heard you can get T-Shirts for Mr Goma on

  3. What a guy! He pulled through fairly well. I saw the news for the first time on BBC World this morning.

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