Cocoon Flow in Java?

Via Ovidiu: here is an implementation of the Cocoon Flow layer using java as the flow control language, written by Alex Krut over the weekend.

Looks like the continuation engine used is not Open-Source though. Ovidiu mentions Brakes which as I understand it could be used for java-based continuations as well.

The over the weekend bit says a lot about the modularity of Cocoon, Avalon and about the quality of the current Flow implementation!

One Response to Cocoon Flow in Java?

  1. Alex Krut says:

    Cudos to people who architected cocoon and avalon – awesome work. You are correct, the ATCT framework ( ) is not open source, but it’s free for development.
    Overall, the implementation of flow in java goes to show how flexible java is and that java bytecode is more suitable for interpretation then .net polymorfic byte code. ATCT uses smart interpretation technique that you can find more details on on website.

    alex krut

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