spare your neurons: don’t memorize useless stuff

Jim Jagielski probably forgot to turn on comments on his post about not memorizing stuff, so here’s my comment:

I don’t make any effort to memorize any API parameters or class names either. My neurons are too precious to be wasted on such stuff, and online help and code assistants are my friends.

People (or students) are sometimes surprised when I have to look up some common API call – but my brain is not of the store all kinds of constants kind.

Except for useless numbers, of course.

2 Responses to spare your neurons: don’t memorize useless stuff

  1. leo says:

    Same for me. I really did hate to learn stupid api function in school. But I don’t think it’s wasting neurons, you’ve got more than enough from them. It’s only about wasting time for learning it ;-)

  2. I moved to FLOSS, in a good part, because I hated being subject to arbitrary API (FS organization, GUI, …) changes by Microsoft. At the time companies were paying lots of money to get dozens of CDs with documents a month (MDN), while linux and java documentation was out there, a Google search away.

    In a sense, I decided to choose where to invest my precious neurons, and the worse lock-in is the one that happens deep inside of our minds.

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