Do you speak data: ?

If you’re running a decent browser you should be able to display this secret message.

See also the much cooler sparklines examples, based on Edward Tufte’s ideas.

I have started collecting bookmarks for this under the dataurl tag at (and sparklines is often related).

2 Responses to Do you speak data: ?

  1. Nice use case for URLs! Talking about storing data in URLs, what about storing XML? Try this one: And yes, the XML document that gets returned is 100% stored in the URL. How? expends the URL to a longer one that contains the XML document compressed and encoded in base64. The expended URL points to a site that performs the decoding and returns the XML data. You can give it a try ( with your own XML documents.


  2. The “data:” protocol has its own RFC ( and its base64 form is a requirement in SVG, to allow embedded images in xlink:href attributes (

    This makes me think… we should add this protocol to Cocoon :-)

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