The latest meme: 10 things about me

fun I got tagged by Irina Guseva on this one, started by Kas Thomas.

No meme ID though, or is it 42a4263e9ae40c23da79bd43370fd814 ?

Anyway, here we go...

1-5: I already took part in such a meme, with only five things, which are still valid.

6: I was recently fired by the band where I was playing drums, not playing well enough for their new and improved musical goals. You can't win every time I guess ;-)

7: I have three kids aged 17 to 21. Some people complain about losing the cuteness factor of babies when they grow up, but I've been enjoying all phases until now. You just have to constantly adjust to everything ;-)

8: I'm selling my motorbike, meaning that I'll be without one for the first time in about 15 years. The idea is to rent fun bikes from time to time, and buy the Right One later.

9: Twenty-four hours a day is clearly not enough when you like cycling, mountainbiking, sailing, skiing, hiking, playing music, DIY work, go-karting, motorcycling and barbecues in remote places. Lots of plans for retirement.

10: I enjoy working in the content management space because it's like love songs: the basic story has been the same for ages, but we seem to constantly find new ways to tell it. I usually hate love songs by the way, but that's another story.

Tagging @michaelmarth and @alexkli.